Music Video Fashion: UNI.T I Mean

난 말이야, 난 말이야, 난 말이야 I was originally going to watch the Unit because some of my favorite idols and trainees were auditioning to be on there.  I got about two episodes in and gave up. I did keep up with updates on the show and the final lineup. I haven’t been too impressed… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: UNI.T I Mean

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2019 Favorite Looks: Ladies Edition

I've had a slight change of heart regarding S/S 2019. Hera Seoul Fashion Spring Summer 2019 started October 15thand went until the 20th. Since I’ve become interested in Kpop and discovered there’s a Seoul Fashion Week, I always look forward to it. I love seeing what idols, actors, and models would wear for the blue… Continue reading Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2019 Favorite Looks: Ladies Edition