2019 First Quarter Kpop Music Video Fashion Review: Part 3

  It’s been over  a month since my last blogpost, and I’ve got some splainin’ to do. In that timespan I’ve worked my first post college job, quit that job, saw BLACKPINK and turned 25. I’m probably leaving out more things but those are the major plot points lol. For this last post of the… Continue reading 2019 First Quarter Kpop Music Video Fashion Review: Part 3

Music Video Fashion: Chungha Gotta Go

I keep thinking about Jimmy Neutron's Gotta Blast lmao Hey Demons it's ya girl, Ashliegh. I've been watching a lot of Buzzfeed Unsolved lately. I’m back from my break. I've been busy trying to get my store started, looking for a full time job, and enjoying my free time while I can.  Did y'all enjoy the… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: Chungha Gotta Go

Music Video Fashion: IU BBIBBI

IU is one of my favorite solo artists. I have so much love for her and I can’t believe she’s been actively in the music industry for ten years. I was hoping we were going to get a mini album or full-length album for her ten-year anniversary, but we got a single. An amazing single… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: IU BBIBBI

Music Video Fashion: Twice Yes or Yes

You've got two choices... I love Twice. I’ve been a stan since debut and they’re easily one of my favorite girl groups. Seeing them live at KCON only cemented my love for them. Like many Once that wanted a Like Ooh Ahh part two and have been asking for years now, I think it's safe… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: Twice Yes or Yes

Music Video Fashion: UNI.T I Mean

난 말이야, 난 말이야, 난 말이야 I was originally going to watch the Unit because some of my favorite idols and trainees were auditioning to be on there.  I got about two episodes in and gave up. I did keep up with updates on the show and the final lineup. I haven’t been too impressed… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: UNI.T I Mean

Live Stage Outfits Ranked: SF9 Now or Never

New series on KFashionBias! One of the best parts of Kpop music promotions are the live performances on music shows. Since I’ve become a Kpop fan I’ve always looked forward to the different looks my faves would wear during the month or so of promotions. And as you get start following people longer you start… Continue reading Live Stage Outfits Ranked: SF9 Now or Never

Music Video Fashion: Dreamcatcher What

Between personal issues and technical issues, I’ve finally getting to What by Dreamcatcher. They really don’t disappoint huh. I’ve loved all their title tracks so far and they were AMAZING at KCON LA 2018. After seeing them live I was determined to learn more about them and stan properly. Today’s post covers three main looks.… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: Dreamcatcher What

Music Video Fashion: Yubin Lady

Na na na na na na na na lady When I tell you I LOVE this song, I really mean it. It’s a big mood for the rest of 2018 and my life lol. Look at the English translation of some of the lyrics here: So, I was extremely disappointed but not surprised it wasn’t… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: Yubin Lady

Music Video Fashion: Sunmi Siren

Get away out of my face! Today’s post is about the wonderful Sunmi and her looks from her newest single Siren. I’ve been a fan of Sunmi’s since I first became a Wonder Girl’s fan in 2015 with Reboot. I hadn’t really noticed how stylish and interested in fashion she is until recently. I plan… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: Sunmi Siren

Music Video Fashion: Hyomin Mango

Man, go This week I have two planed reviews! Yay 🎉🎉🎉 lookat me being productive.  But today is all about Hyomin’s newest single Mango. In Mango she compares herself to the fruit (and dresses in similar colors) and takes advantage of word play (man go). There are 5 looks to discuss but one of them… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: Hyomin Mango