Music Video Fashion: Dreamcatcher What

Between personal issues and technical issues, I’ve finally getting to What by Dreamcatcher. They really don’t disappoint huh. I’ve loved all their title tracks so far and they were AMAZING at KCON LA 2018. After seeing them live I was determined to learn more about them and stan properly. Today’s post covers three main looks.… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: Dreamcatcher What

Music Video Fashion: Yubin Lady

Na na na na na na na na lady When I tell you I LOVE this song, I really mean it. It’s a big mood for the rest of 2018 and my life lol. Look at the English translation of some of the lyrics here: So, I was extremely disappointed but not surprised it wasn’t… Continue reading Music Video Fashion: Yubin Lady

Music Video Fashion Review: DIA WooWoo

Okay so I've got some explainin to do... I know I've been MIA on this blog and now that I've graduated *throws confetti* I can fully dedicate more time to blogging! I've updated my about page on the new direction for my blog. I'm finally decided to blog about Kpop and this is my first video… Continue reading Music Video Fashion Review: DIA WooWoo