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EXO Obsession: Kai & Suho’s Best Era

December 17, 2019

A short post to let y’all know I’m still alive LOL.

Sehun and Baekhyun Get Honorable Mentions.

Really all of the members (minus enlistment-line and Lay because they weren’t there) looked amazing this era. But today’s post is dedicated to Suho and Kai.

I was a hardcore Exo-L from 2015 to about 2017. Then I went back to being a causual Exo fan. When I heard they were relasing a new album I was excited and scared to what direction soundwise they’d go in this time.

Once the teaser pics for Obsession started coming out I was thrilled we were getting another Monster/”villian” concept. Kai and Suho’s picture though…this is best styling they’ve received to date.

Not because of abs. They are nice though. I genuinely love how daring the styling is for all of the members. I can’t remember the last time EXO blew me away style wise like this.

So let’s start with Mr. Kai. When the demand for guys to wear crop tops again started trending online in 2016, Kai was one of the main kpop boys to play into the demand. And since that was so well recieved, Kai’s been pretty consistent with wearing crop tops

So who better than x-Kai although I’d argue regular Kai is a villian lmao to wear a Kill Bill-escque look for Obsession.

I just love you can feel he’s heeling himself through the pictures. For one of the live stages he’s worn an all black version of this look too.

His teal hair works really well with this look. I don’t think he’d look as fierce if the went with a natural hair color. As much as I love blonde!Kai, it would have washed him out.

Now on to king Suho.

Suhoooooooooooooooooooo binnnnnnnch. What the absolute hell did we do to deserve such an ICONIQUE look!! I nearly fell on the Floor when I saw his teaser pics.

Usually Suho is so conservative with his styling. The Gemini finally Jumped out, the thot jumped out. I’m just LIVING for Suho cutting loose.

I’ve mentioned in previous post how much I love monochrome looks. Man even dyed his hair to match the suit!!! so extra. I… just have so much I so little to say at the same time.

It’s finally Suho time. This is HIS era and you can’t change my mind.

OMG there’s been so much going on with KFashionBias over the last couple of weeks. If you’ve missed out on my Twitter updates, you’ll know KBF has been moved over to self hosting, yay! But now I’ve been teaching myself how to do things without WordPress.com’s help. So, I appologize for the blog being a ghost town the past month or so. I’ve got a ton of new ideas to keep KFashionBias alive the rest of this year and going into 2020. Anywho I hope y’all enjoyed this short post. I’ll have a more in depth review up soon!

Ash ♥♥

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