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September 2, 2019

It’s been like four months since my 2019 First Quarter Kpop Music Video Fashion Review: Part 3  post and omg the time has FLOWN by. I’m at the three months mark at my job and although I usually need a nap once I get home, I think if I can squeeze in an hour or two to work on blogposts I can post more frequently on here.

My initial plan was to film a review but I had some difficulties with creating it and I didn’t want to wait to release this any longer. So let’s get into this long awaited review!

While working on my 2019 First Quarter Kpop Music Video Fashion Review for March, VAV popped up on the Wikipedia list of March comebacks. I remember listening to a couple of there songs in the past, but I don’t really keep up with them. So, I didn’t have any expectations like I do for my faves going into Thrilla Killa. However, seconds into the video I knew this was going to be a wild ride for me.

Let me back track a bit and give a quick intro into VAV for those unfamiliar with the myself. According to the Kpop historians over at Kpop Info 114, VAV or Very Awesome Vocals is a 7 member boygroup consisting of St.Van, Baron, ACE, Ayno (에이노), Jacob (who I guess promotes as a soloist in China now?), Lou, and Ziu (지우). The group is signed to A Team Entertainment and they debut on Halloween of 2015. They have a bunch of singles but the ones I’m most familiar with are Spotlight and Gorgeous both released last year.

Thrilla Killa is described as a seductive yet dangerous person who is capitative and not able to let go easily. There’s duo interpretation, which is ‘A womanizing homme fatal (VAV)’ and ‘Beautiful woman who captivates the impregnable man (VAV)’. Direct quote from VAV’s Youtube channel. I also gotta say I appreciate them translating the description for English speaking fans.

Group Look 1: Black on Black

I love a good all black look. I would consider this my second favorite group look of all four outfits in this video. I really love the use of silver jewelry throughout this video. There are serval scenes where if you pause the video at the correct moment you can see closeups of earrings, chokers, and rings. I like the subtle yet edgy vibe of it all.

Harnesses have been a popular accessory in Kpop for about two years now with just about every boy group wearing at least one last year. I love this silver chain and black leather sash the guys wear in this scene. So maybe that’s the next trend, wearing sashes. The belts are interesting too. I can’t really think of a particular music video I’ve seen recently where a boy group member was wearing a thick belt like this.

Same with like Lou (bottom left) wearing this scarf belt thing. The first time I watched this music video, I hated it. Now I kinda like it. I like how it breaks up the regular way you dress up a black suit and white button-down. Another member (ACE) wears a belt around his natural waist like what countless girl group members have been styled. The more I sat and thought about this look, the more I realized I like the unisex or styling of accessories in this group look.

Group Look 2: DIY Vegas

I call this second look DIY Vegas because their outfits don’t really go together at first glance. Then I realized they’re supposed to look a bit mismatched and disheveled because this scene is supposed to feel like they’re playing craps in Vegas with champagne.

So with that being the concept or at least my interpretation of the scene, I really don’t like anyone’s look here except for Ayno’s pink and white sweater. I have a love hate relationship with Ayno’s styling in this video. I appreciate the bright colors in an overall neutral color scene. I think the crystal they’re surrounded in is soooo pretty.

But uhhh Lou…why’d you let them put you in some 1970’s buddy cop film outfit? Ziu and Baron look like they were dropped in from two other music videos while the remaining members kind of look like they belong in Thrilla Killa. I’d rank this group look as my third favorite of the video.

Group Look 3: Designer Neutrals

My absolute favorite group look out of the bunch! I’m boring I know lol. I love a group look with the same color scheme but different variations on their individual outfit. They all wear black patent leather loafer shoes. And they all wear black slim fitting pants. There’s still silver jewelry worn and they’re all in long sleeves. Other than the color scheme that’s where the similarities end.

The blazers/outerwear in this scene are really interesting. At first glance you think these are all one piece blazers. There’s actually a ton of mixing fabrics and prints in these jackets. The sleeves are attached by straps and release buckles. I had to Google the exact name because it totally slipped my mind.

I called this look Designer Neutrals because on the back on Ayno’s jacket you can barely make out that it says Helmet Lang on it. I tried searching to figure out what collection this piece was from and what price was estimated to be on it but because I don’t pay attention to Men’s Fashion Week, I couldn’t find it. I found some similar looking items that would have been a part of the same collection which would have been sometime between FW 2018 and FW 2019 collection.

Group Look 4: Suits Up


I feel like I may have used this title before for a group look but whatever. This look doesn’t have as many pictures to it mostly because it was towards the end of the video. This is also my fourth favorite look in the video. They look great. You can ‘t go wrong with a well fitted suit, white button down shirt and black pants. But it is the least interesting to look at. I appreciate the risk in DIY Vegas (look two) so I ranked it higher than this one. I do love the cinematography of the top left and bottom left pictures. I love how it looks futuristic but raining at the same time. That’s easily one of my favorite scenes in this video.

Indivdual Member Looks


Ah the look that started it all…I FOOKING HATE IT! Ayno’s look had me flabbergasted. It was the whole reason for making a separate post analyzing almost every look in this video. When I first saw this outfit I thought, “OMG they put this man in a whole ass trash bag.” It’s not a terrible outfit and I like vests. I was just completely thrown off by the material choice because it looks like a trash bag. It’s probably polyester or something similar. It just caused such a strong reaction from me. I couldn’t help but to talk about it.

Now this look I love. Color wise it’s pretty simple but I love the netting material here. I guess it goes with the theme of being trapped in love or something. It’s kinda punk and I loveeee it.


…He’s shirtless in a nice white blazer and black pants. Not much else to say on this one. Baron stans are being well fed. 


I really like this look. It’s something I would have thought he arrived on set wearing.


I hate this jacket. I don’t like the fabric that was chosen to hang off this thing. But I get that it fits the scene it’s featured in. I doubt anyone would actually walk around wearing this out in public because it would get trapped in doors. I love the boots he’s wearing in this scene though.

I love this bottom scene. I’m not a big fan of either of these looks but they aren’t terrible. I like the brown shirt more than the teal one.

Alright! It’s finally completed!! *throws confetti*. I hope y’all enjoyed this post. I’m sorry again for the long wait.I’m working really hard on getting a regular posting schedule in place. So, because I post so sporadically make sure to follow me on Twitter because that’s where I post the most updates on my life and how I’m feeling on Kpop related stuff. Of course, y’all can also follow me on Tumblr, Instagram (personal) and on KFashionBias (I really need to be more active on here) as well.

Lastly before I go, I want to say rest in peace to Sulli. She was and still is one of my favorite female idols for being so unapologetically herself. She was always a strong positive influence for young women everywhere because she was adamant about being able to do what you want and not conforming to things that make you unhappy with yourself. So, I hope she’s remembered for the time she spent sharing her wonderful talent and personality and not for the tragic way it ended.

Until my next post, take care ♥♥♥♥

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