Music Video Fashion: Chungha Gotta Go

I keep thinking about Jimmy Neutron’s Gotta Blast lmao

Hey Demons it’s ya girl, Ashliegh. I’ve been watching a lot of Buzzfeed Unsolved lately.

I’m back from my break. I’ve been busy trying to get my store started, looking for a full time job, and enjoying my free time while I can.  Did y’all enjoy the holidays? There’s so many comebacks and debuts to get caught up on. So today’s post is actually a video!! I’m talking about Chungha’s looks from Gotta Go. I LOVE this song and I’m so happy it’s being well received and she’s getting music show wins. It’s what she deservers. I haven’t decided who the next video is on yet but I have a long list to choose from.

I think y’all will notice a great difference in this video versus my first one. I’m all about improving and I think as I get use to talking to myself via voicenotes, my videos will become less awkward. So, please bear with me while I embark on this new journey as a YouTuber lol.

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