Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2019 Favorite Looks: Guys Edition

October 25, 2018

To athleisure or not to athleisure, that is the question.

Except not really. It’s fashion week! I don’t care if the brand that sponsored your look sells sweats. You gotta spice it up more than that. This is the time to go all out and show your sense of style so more brands will reach out to you.

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Sigh sigh sigh. Let’s get into the menswear choices at Seoul Fashion Week S/S 19.

10.) Takada Kenta and 9.) Kim Sanggyun of JBJ 95


I’m…kinda speechless. Like of course Kenta and Sanggyun are gonna look good cause they’re visuals but this was lazy. It looks like they got invites last minute. The whole damn look is lazy and I’m salty about it. Don’t get me wrong I love JBJ and I’m extremely excited these two are going to be in a permanent duo together. But there’s a better way to incorporate your personal style into a sponsored look *cough* number 6 on the list *cough*.

The only reason I ranked Sanggyun higher was because his denim jacket looks better with his warmups. I don’t know why they didn’t give Kenta a darker wash jacket or just left the jacket off. The white socks with his clunky sneakers got him looking like a Bratz doll. I expect better styling at F/W 19 boys!!

8.) Jun of UNB and U-KISS

I hate this look, but I hate it less because it’s more polished that JBJ 95’s outfits. This feels like more of an upscale athleisure outfit for a sports brand one would attend at fashion week. He passes but barely.

7.) Jeong Sewoon, soloist

Sewoon’s style is pretty simple. So, I didn’t expect him to show up in a green suit like Key did for Charm’s a few seasons back. I like this outfit. The sweater is the stand out piece and it’s from the collection he’s attending, so I don’t have too many complaints if any. Maybe a change of shoes. Something like Doc Martens to make things more interesting.

6.) Youngk of Day6

So, before you say, ‘Ash where’s the rest of his look?’ don’t worry I got a grainy full shot of this outfit. I’m pretty sure this look was also sponsored but it looks like more thought was put into creating it. Sure, it could have been a rush to get the guys ready for the show, but it looks polished and effortless. That’s what luxury is supposed to be.


I don’t know why there aren’t higher quality pictures of their looks. I took a screenshot of this from a video a Tumblr user linked for her gif set she made.

5.) Kanto, rapper

My fellow 94liner and Geminiiiiiiiiii!!! I only recently discovered Kanto when he released Salty.

I looked up more info on him and discovered our birthdays are literally a week a part.  So naturally I stan and support him lmao. So many of my new favorite male idols have been a part of idol music programs like Produce 101 and the Unit.I follow Kanto on Instagram and I think this look is an accurate reflection of his style. He’s pretty adventurous fashion wise.

Not that guys can’t be stylish, I feel like there isn’t enough credit given to guys when it comes to them being interested in fashion. I greatly appreciate it when a guy spends extra to take care of his appearance. They shouldn’t be made fun of or dragged for it. Anyway, I love this look on him. I believe this was the only show he attended but it was a memorable look. A good balance of showcasing your style without being too showy or boring. Well done.

4.) Lucas of NCT (U and China)

This might be cheating a bit. I did say I was covering blue carpet looks and this is from the runway. However, we can’t just bypass Lucas’ modeling debut. Man was born for it. Personally, I’d be a bad NCTzen to not give him credit where it’s morrreee than due. So, it came down to two reasons for including him and one more runway look into the list:

  • He didn’t pick out the looks he wore so it still fits into one of the concepts I’m judging everyone on and
  • It’s my blog so if I wanna talking about Wong Yukhei then we’re talking about Yukhei.

This will never get old lmaooo

I don’t really have anything else to say other than I want Lucas’ hat.

On to number 3.

3.) Wooseok of Pentagon

Things have been a bit wild in the Pentagon fandom lately huh. At least we can could on Wooseok looking amazing at fashion week. I really like this rocker look he went with. I feel like since Pentagon doesn’t have their own personal social media accounts yet, we don’t get too much of a chance to see their personal style.

Wooseok is another ridiculously tall and well-proportioned idol who could pretty much pull off anything. Execpt those shorts he wore in Shine and Naughty Boy lmaooo why do they keep doing that to him. Like with Kanto I think this look is well thought out and polished.

2.) Rowoon of SF9



Binnnncchhhhhhhhhhhhhh my jaw dropped when I saw this picture posted by The Seoul Story on Twitter. Not only did Rowoon do it on them, he single handedly won Seoul Fashion Week S/S 19.

It pains me to place him second because everything about this picture and the outfit chosen for him to walk in screams demi-god. However, this isn’t a blue carpet look so it isn’t fair to our actual first place man. But umm..wowwww…okay Mr. Rowoon. We see you and we stan forever. I actually have an SF9 post coming soon.

Job well done. I’m beyond impressed.


1.) Nichkhun of 2PM

IMG_1073 2IMG_1074 2

I don’t really follow 2PM too closely. All I know is that My House was a bop that was poorly promoted and underappreciated. Jun. K’s Think About You was also a bop and that Give It To Me is one of my favorite songs of all time.

So, when I saw Nichkhun’s pictures from fashion week I was in awe. First of all, his nude turtleneck sweater looked like his chest was exposed to the elements. I thought this man was showing up to Seoul Fashion Week with his tiddies out. That would have been a major power move. I still like the effect.

Nichkhun gets crowned the title of best dressed man of Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2019. From what it looks like Songzio Homme was the only show he attended. Like with Jiyeon’s look from fashion week, Nichkhun went all out with his coat choice. He kept it simple and classy. His coat is a little bit big but not consuming him like Hansol’s was.

He showed up to Seoul Fashion Week like a pro and left a memorable mark on the event even though he only attended one show.

It’s done! Was there anyone you felt I missed or ranked differently? Let me know in the comments. I’m aiming to have my next post up on Sunday. So, I’ll see y’all then. Take care!


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