Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2019 Favorite Looks: Ladies Edition

October 24, 2018

I’ve had a slight change of heart regarding S/S 2019.

Hera Seoul Fashion Spring Summer 2019 started October 15thand went until the 20th. Since I’ve become interested in Kpop and discovered there’s a Seoul Fashion Week, I always look forward to it.

I love seeing what idols, actors, and models would wear for the blue carpet. Idk if that’s what they actually call it. But I’m talking about the blue carpet where most of the press pics are taken, after they come down the cement stairs.

This year however was arguably more disappointing than the previous year when it came to idol styling. I’ve done a post in the past on my favorite male and female idol looks from fashion week.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 3.31.28 PM

Screenshot from my Kpop Tumblr

As you can tell from my text post, I was not pleased with the outfits picked for the first day of fashion week. I started noticing the trend last year with the styling of women in oversize shirts, sweaters, hoodie, whatever with no pants, and wearing either thigh high boots or high heels.

It was cute at first but now I’m getting burned out. With the guys it’s like how much fabric can we pile on you. A perfect example of this is with Hansol from UNB/New Kidd:


Yunmin and Hansol of New Kidd

This was a wasted opportunity. According to New Kidd’s profile, Hansol is 182 cm or about 5’11. Granted I take male idol heights with a grain of salt if they’re under 183 cm cause we know companies lie. But Hansol has long legs so he looks taller. This trench coat does nothing for him. Yunmin’s outfit is right on the edge of being terrible.

After relooking at pictures from SFW, I had a slight change of heart. Initially I was going just to rant about the terrible styling, maybe have three idols I felt were styled somewhat decently and call it a day.

But I was surprisingly able to come up with about 9 idols and a model to include in a proper blogpost about what I thought were the best Seoul Fashion Week S/S 19 carpet looks. All that being said let’s look at some of the decent womenswear looks from S/S 19 at Seoul Fashion Week.

10.) Ashley of Ladies Code


Zuny was also in this picture. I’m not an anti I just had to pick or the other and I follow Ashley more, so I can talk about her style evolution a bit better. Compared to 2017, 2018 Ashley is much more adventurous when it comes to fashion.

I would say her past style was feminine and safe. Like stuff Blanc and Eclair would sell. What we commonly see in Kfashion. This year she’s hopped on the edgier baddie streetwear trends that have been taking over both men’s and womenswear online and in Kfashion.

So, I’m not completely surprised to see Ashley follow suit but it’s a generic choice for such a big event. This is a look I’d expect from a YouTuber or Instagram famous model going to their first event. I love the accessories. The glasses are cute and you can’t go wrong with black thigh high boots.

I think because Ashley’s still experimenting with her personal style, so I think this look was chosen as fashion follower not a trendsetter.

9.) Yoonjo of UNI.T

So, you’re probably thinking uh Ash why did you rank Yoonjo higher than Ashley? They’re wearing the same look. Well not entirely. I ranked Ashley 10thbecause she was following a trend not incorporating a trend into her wardrobe.

Following and incorporating are two different things when it comes to personal style and Ashley and Yoonjo are perfect examples of the difference.  Yoonjo I felt incorporated the trend of no pants, oversized top, and heels into a polished look that fits genuinely to her. It isn’t forced. Or at least it doesn’t feel forced.

I looked back on Yoonjo’s Instagram account and this look from fashion week is consistent with her other style choices on there. Her style overall is on more of the basic feminine vibe, but the accessory choices tell me more.

The handbag is one of those bags with a clasp on it, so it makes a loud noise when you open and close it. Totally a modern take on a vintage bag. The leather pageboy hat is another modern take on a classic item. Another trendy item right now is the sock like heels and Yoonjo has those on as well. So, there’s trendy elements to her look but it was well planned out. I like the execution better.

8.) Kei of Lovelyz



This is the last of this look lmao. Although technically it’s a crop top and mini skirt. This look stood out to me because for the most part Kei wears cute feminine clothing as well. I think she’s following a trend for sure but it’s still cute and genuine to her. Whoever styled her and Mijoo must have been like baddie but make it cute.

I think it was excellently executed and I would want to wear it. That jacket looks really comfy. Plus, I love Kei broke out the Chanel Boy bag. I just watched a video from a popular luxury YouTuber where she said no one was carrying the Boy bag anymore so you shouldn’t put money towards it. I’m paraphrasing but that was the jest of what she was saying.

7.) Seohyun formely of Girl’s Generation

She’s consistent, she’s safe, she’s Miss Seohyun and for the most part can never do wrong. I love this slightly edgy take on the Parisian girl. We stan forever.

6.) Mijoo of Lovelyz

I love her. I’ve been a casual Lovelyz fan for a while now, but I’ve only really known Kei. Like many people during ‘That Day’ Mijoo has stood out to them more and we look forward to her poses.

I chose Mijoo’s outfit over Kei’s because it’s closer to something I would actually wear in real life. And as I mentiond earlier I’m burned out of the oversized shirt/jacket no pants trend.  I also really love the fuzzy purse. That’s one of my favorite trends right now.

She’s so extra. How could you not love her?

5.) Chungha, soloist and former IOI member

Isn’t she just great? I have a lot of love for Chungha too. This look was from KYE’s S/S 19 collection. It’s so cute and I would totally wear it. I think it suits Chungha so well. I like that she was able to wear something from a collection being shown during fashion week. I feel like that’s a safer option than having the stylist create their own outfit sometimes. Also IOI isn’t dead to me they’re just on a break lol.

4.) Irene Kim, designer and model

At first, I had a hard time chosen between which to rank higher, Irene or Chungha. Ultimately, I decided Irene’s look is more interesting. I love the ruffles and lace in this dress. When I think I’m finish looking at it, I find more details to look at. It’s so elegant and interesting. Fashion week is the time so go over the top with your outfits. Irene saw the opportunity and took it.

3.) Jiyeon of T-ara

I feel like if you’re going to show up with a coat at fashion week you need to go all out with it. Jiyeon’s coat is classy and well fitted. A well needed contrast to the sloppy trench coats too many idols were dressed in. Sometimes it’s just better to keep it simple.

2.) Luna of f(x)

I’m so proud of Luna. I feel like ever since ‘Free Somebody’ was released she’s just grown into her own person and living her life the best she can. She just radiates positive energy. Similar to Ashley, Luna has become a bit of a fashionista over the last year. She really made this look work flawlessly.

There isn’t one thing I’d change about this look. It’s well fitting, interesting, and makes you turn to get a second look in a positive way. Luna also wore a beautiful brown suit to fashion week.

If you don’t already, follow her on Insta. You won’t regret it.

1.) Subin formely of DalShabet

And honestly the same can be said about Miss Subin. Subin has been working on her solo career but has also been catching my eye more with her personal style. This year I crown Subin with the title of best dressed woman of Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2019. She attended a few shows and all of her looks were elegant.

This look in particular really caught my attention because her other looks were relatively predictable. You can’t go wrong with a suit or black dress, but this look was much more theatric and edgy. I’m living for every second of it. Let’s check out some of her other looks from this week.







So yeah if you’re looking for more talented, stylish, and beautiful women to follow on Instagram, Subin should be someone you should totally check out and follow.


Omg this took much longer than I expected. Fashion week posts are my favorite to write. I know this is a bit of a long read but I hope you enjoy every bit of it. Tomorrow I’m talking about the guys. Have a great rest of your day/night!



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