Picking Up From Where We Last Left Off…

New year, new blog!

 My followers from Stylecookiejar remember I said in this post I was going on a blogging hiatus. Short version; I was stressed. I was helping my mom and grandma with planning my grandma’s wedding, entering my senior year in college and having an existential crisis episodes every other day. 2017 was a wild ass ride for me emotionally and I needed time to sort myself out and to rethink my gig.

Over the last five months or so I’ve gotten a better idea of what I want to do over the next couple of months as I quickly approach graduating college. One thing I absolutely missed doing was blogging. It’s easier for me to express myself in writing than speaking. Even though my grammar is shit. I felt guilty about not having the time and energy to put a 100% into blogging like I was when I first started out back in 2015. And to be extremely honest I started going about blogging with the wrong mindset. I became more obessed with followers and trying to fit in with other fashion bloggers instead of doing my own thing. It wasn’t a fun hobby anymore.

I also couldn’t figure out an identy for Stylecookiejar. There was too many ideas I wanted to showcase and I was over extending myself. There are somethings I did in Stylecookie jar that I do want to bring here on Runway Snobb like music video fashion (I just got to condence myself) and Tuesday Tunes (I’m thinking of more of a what I’m listening to playlist like thing). But I want Runway Snobb to be 95% fashion 5% other random interest I have and want to share with y’all.

The whole concept with Runway Snobb is to be true to myself. I want it to be fun and a creative outlet. If I get a ton of followers cool, if I get five people that regularly check it out even better. I’m no longer concerned with conforming to the typical fashion blogger aesthetics. If I want to talk about how amazing and strange Moschino F/W 18 was and how it reminded me of Monsta X All In music performance vibes, imma talk about it. Maybe film an embarassing video of myself talking about it or two. Actually I would like to do Q & A videos if I get enough questions to do it. But if you aren’t having fun reading my blog or tweets you can leave.

So on that note, welcome to Runway Snobb. The blog where Ashliegh-Cheyenne attempts to stop being so critical of herself. People are going to judge me anyway so I might as well do whatever I want.





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